Critical literacy, schooling, and social justice: a review of Allan Luke’s collected essays (2018)

I have just published a review article in the Journal of Curriculum Studies here. I consider Allan Luke’s collected essays republished by Routledge in 2018 as Critical literacy, schooling, and social justice: The selected works of Allan Luke in the wider context of ways that Literacy works to enforce control by elites, the maintenance of high culture, racial stratification, national identity and social injustice through education. I engage with some of the book’s key concerns, investigating: scholarship advancing the politics and practice of language and literacy education; debates around the transformation of schooling for social justice; implications of changes to the political economy of the contem-porary communications order; and finally how the book challenges us to consider the purposes and practices of academic scholarship for critical education. As a collection the book challenges all readers to consider how best to contribute original radical theory to the study of Education.