Platform Pedagogies –Toward a Research Agenda

In a short “call to action” Luci Pangrazio and I argue that Platforms have become integral to young people’s social and educational lives despite bringing new risks. We explore how a theory of pedagogy can shed new and useful light on interactions on platforms focusing on digital activity in terms of a teaching and learning relationship.

We propose the concept of “platform pedagogies” to protect algorithmic rights and encourage investigation in:

  • how the structure of digital platforms “teach” or train forms of engagement and participation;
  • the literacies individuals draw on as they learn to use digital platforms;
  • what young users know about the ways digital platforms datafy them;
  • how digital platforms reconfigure the relations between the school and home and the nature of teachers’ work;
  • the theory of learning that underpins “educational” platforms.

The piece can be found here.