Platform Pedagogies

This new research initiative investigates the pedagogic dimension of digital platforms. It draws on older theoretical traditions that use pedagogy as a way of describing and explaining the relationships between individual and society, agency and structure. 

We want to explore what it means to conceive:

  • of the relationship between people and their platforms as a pedagogic relationship, 
    • and how such conceptualisations might advance study of platforms in general. 

And, additionally, using the term pedagogy in its more specifically educational sense:

  • to explore the relationship between learning, schooling and education systems as they are now moving into and across emerging platforms, 
    • thus, advancing scholarship about the uses of platforms in Education.

At the moment the initiative asks 4 kinds of questions.

  1. What kind of conceptual framing is most useful to make sense of “a platform”?
  2. Do platforms have a pedagogy? or What is the pedagogic relationship between people (often constructed as users or clients or citizens) and specific platforms?
  3. Do the new platforms now present in schools change the practices of education and the relationship between social actors in the school system
  4. What is the pedagogy of educational platforms

The initiative brings together a range of scholars from Australia and the US and as a dedicated PhD scholarship. The website for the project can be found here.